Thick Fused Glass Desk

This thick glass desk or table was built as an office desk. It is 72" x 36" and stands 29-1/2" tall. Both the top and legs are 1.5" Thick Fused Glass, made with low iron glass. The top has polished edges and our Sapelo Texture. The legs have textured edges and our Rocky Dunes Texture. A custom built metal frame holds it all together. The frame was left as unfinished steel, but can be painted any color or made with stainless for a different look. LED lighting can be easily incorporated but is not installed on this one. We can supply this desk complete, with metal frame and LED lighting. 

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Custom Architectural Glass for any Application

We create beautiful, dazzling, and unique decorative designer glass products including Glass Flooring and Cast Glass. Glass Flooring can be used for glass stairs, glass landings and glass flooring panels, both interior and exterior. Cast Glass can be used for glass countertops, glass bars, glass desks, glass bath partitions, glass waterfalls, glass panels, and more. We make two types of Thick Glass (1-2"+): Thick Bubble Glass and Thick Fused Glass.

We specialize in making unique glass products. Each order is custom made, so please contact us to discuss your project. All orders are crated and shipped to your job site.

Let us help you create a lasting impression through our unique and functional design medium. Our glass products create focal points while retaining the feeling of openness and exceptional light transmission.

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Glass Flooring and Corvette Museum

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Rachel who was writing a blog article for Bowling Green Glass Company regarding glass flooring and an interesting angle on the sinkhole at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As you may recall, the Corvette Museum suffered a catastrophe when a large sink hole swallowed many of the Corvette's on display. Check out her blog posting at